Birthstones Guide

Birthstones, which make great birthday gifts, serve as reminders of the beauty and mystery of life as well as the unique qualities of the wearer’s birth month.

january: Garnet

In nature, Garnets are found in every color except blue. The most popular color is a beautiful, deep red. It was believed that the wearer of garnets was kept in good health and protected while traveling. Garnets are worn to signify truth and faith.

February: Amethyst

This member of the quartz family was prized by royalty in ancient times for its regal, purple color. The amethyst is said to bring good luck and to radiate love.

March: Aquamarine

Found in a range of blue shades from pale to dark, this gem embodies the beauty of the seas. It was thought to bring its wearers knowledge, foresight and inspiration.

April: Diamond

Diamonds are the most brilliant of gemstones and the hardest substance in the world. They have been cherished for more than 6,000 years. In ancient times, diamonds were thought to be pieces of stars that had fallen to Earth.

May: Emerald

Known as the queen of gems and treasured since ancient times, this vibrant green stone has long been regarded as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and springtime. Emeralds were believed to protect the wearer from the perils of long journeys.

June: Pearl

These jewels of the sea are indigenous to the waters surrounding Japan and China. In those warm, calm waters, the oyster produces pearls in a wide range of shades, from creamy white to black.

July: Ruby

A prized possession of kings and queens throughout the ages, the ruby has been known for centuries as a symbol of love and immortality. In some countries, engagement rings are set with rubies instead of diamonds.

August: Peridot

Mystics have claimed that this lustrous green stone drives away evil and has special healing properties. Peridots have been found in meteorites and volcanoes.

September: Sapphire

The name sapphire is derived from the Latin word for blue, “sapphirus.” Ancient Persians believed the Earth rested on an enormous blue sapphire, and its reflection caused the blueness of the sky.

October: Opal

The opal’s special characteristic is a rainbow-like play of color that changes with the angle of observation. Colors vary, but it is the iridescent property that creates the very special play of color called “fire.”

November: Citrine

The name citrine comes from the French word for lemon, “citron,” which describes this stone’s yellow hue. In ancient times, citrine was revered as a gift of the sun and believed to be a powerful antidote to a viper’s venom.

December: Blue Topaz

Topaz comes in many colors, including light blue, pink, yellow, red and green. The most popular color is an enhanced blue. This gorgeous gemstone was said to act as a protector and make the wearer invisible in emergencies.

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